Ty’s Big Fat Blog Plugin Column

in, Marketing Critique, October 2015

In this month’s marketing critique, Ty Tribble shares his definitive list of the most valuable Plugins you need for your self-hosted WordPress blog. Everything from social media to security is covered. All advanced marketers will want to install these right away!

These plugins will…

  • Help Google and Yahoo index your blog, automatically update the search engines once you’ve added a new post, and virtually eliminate all blog comment spam
  • Add a dynamic social media sharing bar, protect your site from malicious hackers and “brute force” attacks, and easily create attractive redirects and track clicks to all your affiliate offers (Example: yoursite.com/get-elite-marketing-pro)
  • Easily create a mobile-friendly version (this is massively important as everyone browses on their phones these days)
  • Detect typos, grammar, spelling, and most importantly, duplicate content issues (big deal if you’re outsourcing)
  • Reduce your media file sizes and check for broken links to improve SEO, and redirect commenters to a page of your choice (like a thank you squeeze page!)

It’s always a pleasure to have Ty share his years of expertise. Don’t miss this month’s exclusive critique!

Ty Tribble is a six-figure blogger and social media entrepreneur. He has been the top recruiter in two separate companies. He has been featured in both Entrepreneur and Success from Home Magazine and is considered by many to be the #1 blogger in the world on the subject of network marketing. Check out Ty’s new product, IM Blog Theme. It should go without saying that we highly recommend this tool to all of our subscribers.