Curriculum – Overview

Online Business 101

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the home-based business industry and trying to learn the ropes, or a seasoned veteran trying to keep up with the Joneses ‒ the truth is: building an online business can be complicated and even overwhelming!

Even worst, overwhelm may lead to stress, and stress can eventually lead to illness, and that’s just what you need: a larger medical bill, right?

In order to tackle your online business properly, you need to understand the basic, but essential concepts of traffic, conversion, blogging, prospecting, and leadership.



Surely you know what traffic is: a daily nuisance you have to deal with daily, when commuting to and from work. However, when talking about an online business, traffic means so much more!

For an online marketer, traffic represents the number of people that visit your website and navigate through its content. It may not sound like much, but in reality, traffic is the first thing you’ll have to acquire to get your business off the ground.

Simply put, the more traffic your website is getting, the more people are exposed to your content, your products and your business, and the greater your chances of closing a sale or sponsoring a new rep.

Basically, no business can survive online without traffic! It is the life blood coursing through your business’ veins; it’s the fuel that will allow the fine-tuned machine that is your business to run smoothly when you flip the switch.

Over time, What’s Working Now has collected a great deal of content on how to build traffic to get your business started. Check it out and jump right into “square one” to get your business started.



Let’s say (hypothetically) you’ve figured out how to drive an unlimited amount of traffic to your website; that you have hundreds if not thousands of fresh visitors to your website every day. What happens to all those visitors?

It takes time and effort to generate traffic. So what happens once people reach your website or blog? Are you going to let them leave just like that…without anything to show for it? Of course not!

That is where conversion comes in!

The simplest definition of conversion is: turning something into something else. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to become a magician, or watch Breaking Bad time and time again to learn about chemistry, to make your online business work. However, you WILL be turning traffic into something else!

Conversion is the art of taking traffic and turning it into leads, which will eventually turn into sales; it’s the first step towards actually earning an income from your business, and you can learn all about Conversion from the experts right here, on What’s Working Now!



Regardless of how many hours you spend online, chances are you’ve reached someone else’s blog and maybe without even noticing.

Blogs started as a simple way for people to share their personal thoughts and experiences with the world through the magic of the Internet. However, as the web got bigger and the world became smaller, blogs became a whole lot more than just a “public virtual diary”.

For online marketers, a blog is a way to communicate and connect with an audience and, more importantly, with potential customers and team members; it is a very effective way to help you stand out from the crowd and really build a brand for yourself and your business.

Think of your blog as a vital piece of online Real Estate; it’s a little piece of virtual space where you can share interesting and helpful information with peers and prospects. Your blog is where your traffic is going to be driven and converted, so everything about it needs to be spot on!

You can learn everything you need to know —from setting up a WordPress blog and generating up to 50 leads per day, to making your blog “hacker-proof” and multiplying your cash flow through content creation— right here, on What’s Working Now!



A successful online business can’t survive on sales alone. Building a team is an extremely important part of building a long-lasting business. And in order to build a team, you’ll have to do some prospecting.

Now, you’re not digging for gold (not in the traditional sense, anyway), so leave your pickaxe in the toolshed. You are, however, going to work hard to prospect customers and potential team members. True prospecting is a science which, if performed properly, will help you build a team of dedicated members that will drive your business’ success and, ultimately, your income.

However, if you think prospecting means annoying friends and family to barely keep your business afloat, you’re hugely mistaken! Some people still use this “old-fashioned” approach to build their business, and it may even work for them. But are YOU really willing to risk alienating your loved ones in an all-or-nothing wager? Didn’t think so!

Prospecting is more than just chasing leads and shoving your business opportunity down their throats. There are people out there who are looking for your products and business opportunity; it’s just a matter of reaching out to them and getting them to come to you!

Proper prospecting means talking to people who are actually interested in what you have to say. It’s getting on the phone and being able to make others see why your opportunity is the solution to their problems. It’s keeping a conversation without desperately pitching a sale, and getting someone to join your team by the time you hang up. And you can learn how to do this and much more right here, on What’s Working Now.



To build a successful business you’ll have to lead your team members to duplicate and, if at all possible, surpass your own success.

From building trusting relationships with leads to nurturing and challenging your team members, leadership is an essential element of building a business! Leadership manifests itself throughout the entire process of building your business, and without it, you could spend your entire life following in someone’s footsteps, without achieving anything for yourself.

As a true leader, you can show others how to duplicate your success without having to hold their hands the entire time. You will stand out from the competition without resorting to cheap bad-mouthing tactics and without playing the “mine is better than yours” game. Here, on What’s Working Now, you can learn the proper meaning of leadership from true leaders!



Now, to tell you the truth, there is A LOT of content on each of these key elements inside What’s Working Now. You may feel a bit overwhelmed when you click through to each of the topics to learn more.

It’s important that you keep in mind your journey to become an online entrepreneur will require hard work, but its rewards are well worth it!

“I don’t know which traffic generation method is right for me!”

There is a wide range of traffic generation methods covered in WWN. From free methods that require dedication to more targeted methods that may cost you a few cents per lead (probably best kept for when you’ve gotten your business up and running, but that’s totally up to you). Choosing the right traffic method comes down to knowing your strengths and make the most out of the, as well as knowing what your weaknesses are, if at all possible, and turning them to work in your advantage.

“I have never been able to sell ANYTHING to anyone!”

Not everybody is a born salesman. Sure, some people can sell meat to a vegetarian, but if that’s just not you, there’s nothing to worry about!

The real secret to closing sales and recruiting new reps is targeting the right people and, most importantly, getting THEM to come to you! Once you’ve figured out who your perfect customer is and how to properly promote your products, you’ll have people practically begging to buy from you!

“I’ve never blogged before, and I’m not really too eager to start anytime soon!”

Blogging may seem like a hassle. And it is! Let’s be honest: who has time to blog nowadays? There will always be at least a dozen more important things on your list before you get to blogging, and by then, you’re probably too tired to even turn on your PC.

However, if you’re serious about building an online business, some of your priorities are going to have to shift. You don’t have to stop cooking dinner or doing your laundry, but simply make SOME time to put your thoughts into words. Basically, blogging is a platform which will allow you to connect with your audience in a way that not even the best advertising can accomplish! Besides, some of the best blog posts only take a few minutes to write ‒all you need is a little inspiration!

“I can’t even make a sale face-to-face, how am I supposed to call someone on the phone and get them to join my team?”

It’s probably too early to start talking about what you can and can’t do. A “can’t” attitude will certainly result in failure, so you want to stay as far as you can from one of those!

In order to build a successful online business you ARE going to have to talk to people. Sometimes you’ll be able to talk to them face to face, but most times you’ll just have to pick up the phone and dial “S” for Success! If you target the right people and get them to come to you, don’t you think it would be much easier to talk to them on the phone? Just be patient, you’ll get there!

“I’m just getting started myself; how can I be a leader to someone else?”

You can’t expect to become an expert in online marketing in a day, a week, or even a month; that’s just not a realistic expectation!

That doesn’t mean you can’t be a leader! Actually, the fact that you’re here, reading this, already puts you ahead of many other wannabe marketers simply because you’re willing to learn. The path of a leader ‒YOUR PATH‒ begins with knowing more than “the other guy”. After that, it’s just a matter of being able (and willing) to share that knowledge with other people who wish to follow in your footsteps.