Underground Profits Lab

How To Navigate the New Facebook Ad Manager for More Likes, More Engagement, and More Conversions

In this month’s Underground Profits Lab, Michelle provides an over-the-shoulders tour of the new Ads Manager how demonstrates how to analyze your campaigns so you can determine what you need to do more of, and importantly, what you need to do less of–if you want to keep your account in good standing.

Michelle’s 7-Step Native Advertising Process that Generated a 236% ROI on Facebook

This month Michelle walks us through her recent split test results, presented live for the first time at the No Excuses Summit Six in Las Vegas, Nevada. In this in-depth, step-by-step tutorial she reveals what’s working incredibly right now with Facebook advertising.


Build Your Brand, Gain More Authority, and Get More Sales from Your Blog Using Facebook Native Advertising

Frustrated that no one is seeing your laboriously-crafted blog posts? This month Michelle (with special guest Bill Pescosolido) reveals how to “1,000x” your traffic overnight, using Facebook to drive traffic to your blog.

Should You Let Facebook Optimize Your Ads (or Not)?

This month Michelle asks, “is it better to let Facebook optimize my ads, or is it better to be in control myself?” Watch as she reveals the results of her latest testing, right inside her own Facebook advertising account. This training is a real as it gets!

Trolls, Hackers, And Malware – Oh My!

Michelle got hacked!! This month you’ll learn how to keep the malicious nasties of the Intertubes off your lawn and what to do if the spy breaches your castle walls.

Hidden Rules to Avoid Getting a Lifetime Ban from Facebook

Facebook is a publically traded company serving their shareholders, over a billion users, and NOT you. Even marketers spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising have been shut down recently. Point being, Facebook doesn’t need your money. You’ve got to learn how to be a smart marketer that’s not violating their rules. Luckily, this month Michelle will show you how!

18,000 Fans in 60 Days: The Steps to Building Your Business Online Using Facebook

This month is Michelle puts the spotlight on her 16-year-old daughter Megan, who’s achieving stratospheric growth with her brand new Facebook Page. You’ll learn exactly how she’s created a massive audience from scratch and monetized her passion over just the past 60 days.

Your Worry-Free Guide to Keeping Your Business Running While You’re on Vacation

Michelle consistently travels each and every month for days, even weeks at a time, either vacationing or to high-level business masterminds. How does she keep her business running with such a busy schedule? Watch this month’s Underground Profits Lab to find out!

The Death of “Click Baiting”: Or, How to Write a Status Update that Gets Clicks, Generates Leads, and Creates Real Profits

This month you’ll discover the results of Michelle’s latest “underground” split test results. Surprise! Michelle actually reverses her earlier position on automating status updates. But with a catch: there’s a very specific, 4-step process you must diligently follow. Michelle reveals her “patented” technique for the first time in this exclusive presentation.

Underground Split Test Results Case Study: Like Campaign

This month Michelle Pescosolido puts her skills and expertise to the test! After purchasing a course from a rival Facebook trainer, Michelle sets up a daring experiment: which “Like” campaign strategy will perform best…her way, or her competition’s way?

How to Leverage Facebook’s New “Audience Insights” Feature

This month Michelle breaks down Facebook’s new Audience Insights tool, which is “designed to help marketers learn more about their target audiences, including aggregate information about geography, demographics, purchase behavior and more.”

How to Leverage Events on Facebook (Without Annoying Everyone)

This month Michelle will demonstrate how how to create an event and use Facebook’s “Event Responses” advertising channel to promote your event to a targeted audience…without spamming all of your friends.

Michelle Exposes the “Facebook Fraud”

This month Michelle debunks a viral video bashing Facebook “Like” campaigns, exposing the methodological flaws and sharing her own impressive results for everyone to see. Then she delves into the best practices for creating your own Like campaign based on her extensive testing and experience.

How to Increase Your Conversions on Facebook Using this “Clunky” Trick

This month Michelle will walk you through a new feature in Facebook’s Power Editor to get higher conversion rates on all your offers and promotions. You’ll learn the ONLY place you’ll find this “hidden” feature and watch Michelle totally screw up an ad and then fix it right before your eyes – it’s a great learning experience.

Advanced “Retargeting” Strategies: Step-by-Step Instructions

This month Michelle will reveal how to “get ahead of the curve” with cutting-edge Facebook retargeting strategies. Watch this “fast mover” training today before these advanced techniques gain more speed and become competitive — there’s a huge opportunity to being first!