Split Tests

Magnetic Sponsoring’s “Behind the Scenes” Split Test Results

This month we’re split testing capture page variations for our flagship Magnetic Sponsoring product — specifically the fields for “First Name,” “Email Address,” and “Phone Number.”

Here are the tests:

The Best And Worst Subject Lines We Have Ever Tested II

Hey, welcome to our second installment. In this article I’ll share some of my subject line writing tips as well as more of the subject lines we’ve tested on a massive scale. Why test subject lines? I test a lot of email subject lines. But that’s obviously not all I test. You might find that […]

The Best And Worst Subject Lines We’ve Ever Tested – Part 1

This is an article about split-testing. It might not sound like the “sexiest” topic you’ll ever read about. But it’s probably the single most overlooked yet ridiculously profitable skill you will ever study in Internet Marketing. “What is split-testing?” Split-testing is when you send out two or more versions of an advertisement, email, or video […]

WARNING! Don’t Even Think About Using A Video Sales Letter Until You Read This…

If you think that nobody reads those “old school” long scrolling sales letters then this split-test from the team at Magnetic Sponsoring might change your mind. We’ve only got one split test this month — but it’s a big one. Video Sales Pitch Vs. “Old School” Sales Letter: We wanted to test our “old school” […]

3 Surprising Split-Tests From “Behind The Scenes” At Magnetic Sponsoring

TEST 1: Which Subject Line Won? For this test we wanted to see if we could boost our e-mail open and click-through rates with a clever subject line. Our first subject line was “We suck at social media… (Webinar)” and while we did get a 13.91% open rate we knew we could do better. Our […]

The Lazy Man’s Split-Testing

How to start testing your ads even if you know nothing about… or absolutely hate…Google Analytics, Variables, And Math. Plus, some surprisingly sloppy “split-test” results you will have to see to believe… This article is probably going to upset some people because it goes against almost everything the marketing experts are teaching these days about […]

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson’s “Million Dollar” Split Testing Secret

Here is a screenshot of the above-the-fold section of a key offer Russell Brunson used to run, giving away a free DVD where he reveals his secrets for turning $20 and a simple idea into a million-dollar internet business. The “Turning $20 Into a Million Dollar Online Business” is an excellent headline and has become […]


Inside Secrets of Split Testing Pros: Advanced A/B Tactics

A/B testing sounds like a “no-brainer.” You make two versions of a webpage (A and B), split traffic between those versions, and choose the version that produces maximum conversions. That’s it! At the core, A/B testing is really as simple as I described. If you are doing this kind of simple A/B testing, you are […]


“DOUBLING Your Landing Page Conversions With Crayons…”

Increasing conversions can be done in infinite different ways… Here, we did so by adding a simple “crayon-type” red arrow to our landing page, to not only help highlight the offer, but also highlight HOW OUR OFFER WORKS. In this case, we are giving away a new “FREE 136-Page Traffic Blueprint” in PDF form, that […]

“Top-Secret” Video Split Test Results

Daegan Smith shares five “top-secret” split-tests that will probably amaze you. In fact, some of these results are almost too valuable and strange to share. But this is What’s Working Now… Split Test # 1 – 60 Page Sales Letter Vs. Shorter Video Sales Letter Daegan decided to split-test a traditional sales letter (almost 60 […]

Jason Better

Daegan Smith Shares “Top Secret” Split Test Results With You!

This is completely unexpected. Daegan Smith is pulling back the curtains on some of his “top secret” split tests and showing us exactly what’s working for him right now. You should know this almost never happens. These split testing secrets are making him loads of money and helping him attract buckets of leads. But he’s […]

Ryan and Perry

Ryan Deiss And Perry Belcher Rock The Boat With Split Tests

Hey, you’ll love this. Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher have agreed to share some of their “top-secret” split test results with us. This almost never happens, so you’ll want to take crazy notes or at the very least, print this out and highlight whatever strikes your fancy. This is too cool. Here’s 5 Split Tests […]