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Misha Wilson

The Only 2 Things to Focus on to Create Maximum Profits in Minimum Time

One of my favorite quotes, which I originally heard from Ray Higdon (I’m not 100% sure where he heard it), is, “If you want to go from zero to a million as quickly as humanly possible, your only focus should be on making sales.” That really resonated with me, and it’s drastically shifted where I […]


Thirty Days in Paris

Have you ever given up on a childhood dream, thinking you were too old to achieve it, but secretly wishing you could? I’ve dreamed of studying abroad since I was twelve years old.

What Makes People Buy

This is the million dollar question. And if you have the answer, then you have the keys to the kingdom. Of course scores of books have been written about it, all kinds of training programs have been created, and you could say it’s a very big topic.

How to Create Curiosity in Your Ads

Nothing is more important to the success of your ad than its ability to provoke curiosity.
Yes, you need a good offer, compelling benefits, as well as a strong call to action. But… unless you can make people curious, your ad doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance.


Second Chances

I had been to funerals before, it’s not like I didn’t understand death, but there’s something about watching someone die on the street in front of you that changes everything.

Secret Weapon Used by the World’s Highest Paid Marketers

Today, I want to share with you a secret weapon used by virtually every top marketer in the world.
Some talk about it. Many don’t. Yet, without fail, they all use it.


From Concept to Kickstarter Sensation

Are you ready to be inspired? Kevin Bates, founder of Arduboy, joins host Rachel O’Brien-Eddy to share the incredible story of how he took his credit-card-sized, 8-bit game system from concept to Kickstarter sensation! What’s Kevin’s secret to success? Find out in this special audio feature.

Quickest Way to Make Money Online… GUARANTEED!

I’m sitting at the No Excuses Summit 6 in Vegas as I write this month’s article. I’m watching all the amazing speakers come up and share truly some of their most valuable marketing and money-making secrets. Strategies that are making them a lot of money. Hundreds of Thousands per year. And some even Millions.


Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

My youngest son, Conner, loves playing baseball. What started out as something fun and exciting as a five-year-old has turned into a dream for the future. Like many young boys, he has big dreams of playing Major League Baseball when he grows up. My husband Ryan and I support his dream and we have done everything we can to provide him excellent opportunities to grow, improve, and develop his skills as a player…

Here’s a Proven Shortcut You Can Use to Create Compelling Ads, Emails, and Videos

Now doesn’t that sound like a big promise? Sure does, and as you’re about to discover, I’m going to show you how to do it EVEN IF you’ve never written a word of sales copy in your life.
That’s a tall order, huh?

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Our Dutch Getaway

After risking life and limb hiking up four flights of steep, narrow stairs with luggage in tow, we began our stay in Amsterdam at a cozy, top floor attic cottage overlooking the canal below.We were excited to be in a city that was new and unfamiliar to us.

3 Magic Letters That Will Swing The Doors Of Opportunity Wide Open, And Bring You More Success, Happiness And Prosperity

Sounds like a tall order. Doesn’t it? Yet I assure you, that only 3 letters can do all that and much more for you.
Once applied, they will make you a much better sales person, and they will change your life.
Now before I reveal what they are, let’s talk about the above sentence for second. The part about being a better sales person.

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Balancing Life and Business: Why Mini-Vacations Are Essential for Entrepreneurs

I was about 8 years old when my dad decided to open his first business. I remember feeling extremely proud of him for having the courage to take a leap of faith and go after his dream. At the time my dad was a brilliant cabinetmaker and although he loved his job, he worked for a crummy boss and had very little freedom or flexibility.

How to Use Emails to Create a Strong Bond and Unshakable Trust with Your Prospects

Let’s get down to brass tacks. The main reason someone will buy from you, or will NOT…is whether they like and trust you (or do not.) Period.

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How to Build Healthy, Happy, and Lasting Relationships

Society tells us not to mix our business and personal lives, but that’s often easier said than done. The truth is that our personal life affects business and business affects our personal life – they actually go hand-in-hand. Let me explain…