October 2013

Volume 4, Issue 10 – October 2013

In This Issue…

Steve Jaffe, This “Ultimate” Strategy Escapes “Boringville,” Attracts Signups and Sales Better Than Any Other Method

Steve Jaffe, The $3,000 Webinar Formula, Part 1.

Curt Maly, How to Produce 10 Leads (or more!) in the Next 6 Hours by Pushing Just a Few Buttons

Discover the “Mass Persuasion” Influence Tactics Of Politicians, Military Generals, And the Far-Reaching “Power Elite”

Three days ago, on just one of my recent webinars, I closed $4,358 in commissions. It took only 79 minutes. One out of every 6 attendees bought. How did I achieve such outsize results? Same way I always do…

I used a 25-point webinar blueprint so packed with influence psychology, orders flooded in like a dam that’s just broken. In this month’s WWN webinar, I reveal this “stealth” 25-point webinar formula that just plain closes.

“Mass Persuasion” Webinar Presentations: How to Close 12%-18% of Webinar Attendees into any Opportunity, Product or Service Using Influence Tactics of the “Power Elite”

Steve Jaffe is back to present his “elite” webinar presentation blueprint. You’ll learn the REAL secrets of success and making serious money in this month’s highly transparent Hangout session. You’re about to discover…:

-How to do webinars that create signups and sales using he same influence psychology that military generals, dictators, and political leaders use to compel masses of people to carry out their wishes
-How to use webinars to position yourself as the “obvious expert” in your niche, so people feel psychologically compelled to flock to YOU and ask to join your opportunity

Your Marketing SUCKS! (And How to Fix It…)

Apologies in advance, but you really need to hear this. This month Ty examines exactly where you’re derailing your marketing efforts and sabotaging opportunity for success online. Watch this quick, yet important training on how to get your marketing back on track and start creating more sales today!

Curt Maly

How to Create Your Own Easy to Implement & Highly Effective Social Media Strategy in Just One hour!

Curt Maly is back this month to teach you how to MAXIMIZE your social media marketing efforts with PROVEN strategies to “copy, paste” your way to BIG profits.

The $10 Million “Stack”

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting in my first Internet marketing seminar (it was Armand Morin’s BIG Seminar), the first speaker was just finishing up his presentation, and he made an offer. I can’t remember what he was selling, but I do remember the price was $1,997.

Why Content Marketing Sucks – and Exactly What to Do to Make it Work for YOU

As an entrepreneur and home business owner, you’re looking for the easiest and least expensive way to market your company, right? That’s exactly what content marketing – or blogging — is. Easy, and cheap.

Minute by Minute – Hour By Hour: Why a Schedule Works.

October is always a big month for me because my birthday is right at the beginning of the month. And with my birthday comes the opportunity to start MY new year. It’s a time of personal goal setting as well as reflection on previous accomplishments. The “What’s Working Now” in my life you might say. Time to get rid of what’s not working and replace it with something else.

The “Deliberately Simple” Squeeze Page

In my last article I outlined what a sales funnel is and I highlighted the “3 Pages” that you need in your sales funnel in order to really start generating leads and building your business. Remember?

1. Squeeze Page

2. Confirmation Page

3. Sales Page

So right off the bat…

What is a sales funnel?

The “3-Punch” Content Syndication Strategy for Maximum ROI

This month, Michelle Pescosolido, the 6-figure “Facebook Marketing Queen,” will teach you the very best ways to get the most eyeballs on your blog and videos. And more eyeballs means more sales, prospects, and recruits for your business!

How to Feed Your Dreams When the Fridge is Empty

If you’re struggling to believe in your dreams while living on a budget, this may be the most powerful thing you read this month…We’re picking up on my journey from last month where you learned about the risks and rewards of being an innovator. My story takes a less glamorous turn, but you’ll learn how to keep your dreams and resolve alive in the face of hardship.

My Advice to John… and How It Can Benefit Your Part Time Business

Every once in a while I get a letter that grabs my attention and causes me to drop what I’m doing and reach out.

It was from a team member named John (name changed), a person I’ve come to admire for his determination and perseverance… but who is confused, distracted and desperate to make his business work.

Below I’ve copied parts of John’s letter, in the hopes that the advice I share will help others who are experiencing similar problems and issues.

Three Simple Strategies to Unshackle You from the “Perfectionism Trap” that’s KILLING Your Business

Many folks, despite hours upon hours of hard work, just don’t seem to be making any progress in their home business. They sit up till the wee hours of the morning creating a sales funnel, making sure it’s just right…then never drive any traffic to it.

Or maybe they write an email, edit the email, test the email, then re-format the email so it looks better, then test it again…and end up not sending it ‘cause it’s not “good enough.” Sound familiar?

October 2013 Resources

SocialOomph…A fabulous, free service that allows you to coordinate your social media marketing across platforms and supercharge your productivity.
Tweepi calls itself “… the Twitter management tool with stats!”
Zemanta is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to add related posts to the bottom of your own blog posts so they appear more authoritative and credible…