May 2013

Volume 4, Issue 5 – May 2013

In This Issue…

-Introduction, The Beginner’s “Inside-Guide” to Lifestyle Design Through Slam-Dunk VIP Days
-Mark Hoverson, How to Host “VIP Days” for Maximum Profit & Happiness
Ty Tribble, How To Use “Multi-Channel Repurposing” to Consistently Create #1 Rankings

The Beginner’s “Inside-Guide” to Lifestyle Design Through Slam-Dunk VIP Days

Just a few months ago, I got an interesting message from a client of mine that I think you’ll find fascinating, too. He said, “Hey Mark, I’m ready to go big time. And I will pay for speed. I have $100K. What do you have for me to follow?”

How to Host “VIP Days” for Maximum Profit & Happiness

In this exclusive presentation, Mark Hoverson will share how to “leverage” the knowledge and results (however small) you’ve already achieved to produce unbelievable results. If you are struggling to see how you can create BRAND new profit streams in your life q-u-i-c-k-l-y…if you want to serve your list of potential clients in deeper and more profound ways…you’ve GOT to see Mark’s simple training!

How To Use “Multi-Channel Repurposing” to Consistently Create #1 Rankings

This month Ty shares his top 3 techniques to generate significantly higher search engine rankings – FAST! Ty doesn’t “beat around the bush.” This is the best 14:45 minutes of training you’ll watch this entire year. Don’t miss out!

3 Simple Steps to 6-Figure Social Media Success

This month Pamela Herrmann is going to show you exactly how to streamline your social media strategy, leverage little-known and powerfully effective networking tactics, and get 3x the results in half the time!

The Third Pillar of Traffic – Search Domination

Within search engines, there are three major categories of search. There is free search, which is a type of traffic that you don’t control. There is deep search, which is also a type of traffic that you don’t control. And then there is paid search, which is traffic that you do control. This month, I want to break down the process of getting free search traffic so you really understand it.

Why SEO Copywriting is Robbing You of Readers, Tanking your Search Engine Ranking, and Absolutely Destroying Your Blog

What I’m about to tell you is a huge challenge to “conventional wisdom” out there in the online marketing and promotion world. Some of you might disagree. Some of you might actually get pissed off at me for what I’m about to reveal.

How Do I Get Over My Fear Of Talking To People?

Here in the US we celebrate Mother’s Day in a few weeks. And that always brings me back to the “Why I do what I do” issue. As the mom of two young and growing children, I am proud to say that as a work-from-home business owner I have had the pleasure of watching them grow as well as growing my business. The ability to be with them for field trips and class parties and volunteering has been precious to me.

Supporting Your Team Part Time: 8 Time-Leveraging Tools for Keeping Your Team in the Loop

Now it’s time for some practical tips on managing your team in the “new age.” The Internet has opened up amazing avenues through which you, as a part-time marketer, can lead and manage your team with the utmost efficiency.

Let me give you some specific tools that will help:…

Why You Should Be Using Google+ Hangouts to Grow Your Business

Not only is Google+ Hangouts being called “Skype on steroids” for conducting team meetings and coaching, but it’s also becoming a preferred format for hosting webinars and delivering sales presentations. “Why,” you ask? Overwhelming feedback indicates that people enjoy participating in Hangouts better than the popular webinar platforms.

Exactly What to Do With Your Leads Once They’re Inside Your Sales Funnel

Ok, if you’ve been around this industry for any length of time I know you’ve probably heard lots of “Magic Formulas/Strategies/Blueprints” for making money online. Everybody has the best/quickest/easiest way to do things.

How To Create Attraction, Earn Respect, and Gain Influence: 3 Surefire Steps to Increase Your Social Capital

As I discussed in the last two issues, networking and influence affect and interact with each other, but understanding the difference between them can be downright confusing to newcomers and seasoned veterans alike in our profession.  Although they work hand in hand in all successful people, it bears repeating that networking and influence are NOT the same.

May 2013 Resources

Powerbot, a free app available for Gmail, Outlook, and AppleMail allows you to integrate notes into your email without having to switch applications…
If you are a Windows 8 user, MINE is an app that allows you to assume more control over your Facebook experience….
Ish is a free-to-use website that allows you to take a look at your site at various screen sizes…