June 2014
WWN 52

Volume 5, Issue 6 – June 2014

In This Issue…
*Andrew Draughon, 3 Key Takeaways from the History of Direct Marketing
*Adam Holland, How to Create a Pay Per Click “Traffic Avalanche”
*Ty Tribble, “Blogging Blitz”: How to Increase Traffic 210% and Generate 800% More Leads in Just 50 Days!

Andrew Draughon

3 Key Takeaways from the History of Direct Marketing

In 2004, two professors at Southern Methodist University demonstrated that attaching a personalized sticky note to a direct mail solicitation nearly doubled response, from three to just shy of six percent. Published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, their research “proved” something advertisers understood back in the 1980s. But before we get to that…

How to Create a Pay Per Click “Traffic Avalanche”

How to Create a Pay Per Click “Traffic Avalanche”

The 7-figure “gurus” only WISH they’d thought of Adam Holland’s proprietary traffic-getting strategies. You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to generate a MASSIVE amount of leads from the most coveted ad networks.

“Blogging Blitz”: How to Increase Traffic 210% and Generate 800% More Leads in Just 50 Days!

This month Ty reveals a blogging secret MUCH more powerful than even hiring a professional SEO (and the best part is that you can do this for absolutely free)! You’ll also learn the one thing that’s on everyone else’s blog that shouldn’t be on yours (if you want to sponsor new reps in your business).

Brian Fanale - Ask The Expert

Seven Persuasive ‘Mind-Hacks’ of a Million Dollar Copywriter

In this month’s Ask the Expert session, Brian Fanale, a master copywriter who’s written hundreds of sales letters and presentations, to the tune of $25 million in revenue will be revealing the top 7 copywriting “mind-hacks” that have helped his students create $5,000, $10,000, even $50,000 days!

DotComSecrets Labs Swipe & Deploy Conversion Tests

I’m sure that most of you have websites that get traffic, but you never really monetize it that well. That is how my main blog has been for years. We get thousands of visitors every day and get a percentage to opt in, but the rest just come, learn some stuff and then leave.

People Are Fickle: Never Neglect Your Subscriber Base.

June is here, and that means we’re just about half way through the year. That means you have this month to prepare for the rest of your year. I always talk about time because my mentors instilled in me that preparation leads to results. What you do now yields later, and if you do nothing now, nothing will happen later.

How to Bundle your Funnel

When you create your sales funnel to build your list and sell your product, you need to ask yourself this question:
“What can I do to make sure my customer actually goes through with buying my product? What can I do to push them over the edge and push their money into my pocket? What can I do to make sure they don’t leave before buying?”

A Part-Time Marketer’s Guide to Getting the Most out of Live Events

I know you’re busy. It seems there are never enough hours in the day, right? Work, kids, parents, meetings, chores, favors…not to mention trying to build your business and get out of the rat race for good!

Trust Your Inner Pilot Light

I’m no expert on gas appliances, but I do know that if the pilot light on a boiler goes out repeatedly, then something’s up. What’s brought this to mind? Well, I’m currently sitting at my kitchen table with a pad of paper, having been told that electrical devices, lights, and candles are off limits. As I sit here re-acquainting myself with the questionable joys of writer’s cramp, an emergency gas-leak person is making his way through the night to ascertain whether or not my entire street is about to explode.

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How to Run Your Business… and STILL Enjoy Your Summer…in 7 Simple Steps

Finally! Those days we looked forward to while we sipped cocoa and watched the snow fall outside our windows are here. Time for beach parties, BBQs, ball games, or just basking in the sun.

How to Leverage Events on Facebook (Without Annoying Everyone)

This month Michelle will demonstrate how how to create an event and use Facebook’s “Event Responses” advertising channel to promote your event to a targeted audience…without spamming all of your friends.

How To Stop Your Prospects Dead in Their Tracks, Get Them to Drop What They’re Doing, And Eagerly Watch, Hear or Read Your Message!

For most people today, grabbing someone’s attention is a lot like trying to wrestle an octopus.
If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. We are bombarded daily with TV and radio commercials, emails, Facebook updates, ads, banners, phone calls, texts, billboards, knocks on our doors (at least in my area)…all fighting for our attention, and often trying to sell us something.

Nick Haubner and Andrew Draughon

The Top 12 Mistakes Even Smart Bloggers Make (And How to Avoid Them): Part II

This month Andrew Draughon and Nick Haubner delve back into the most common mistakes that even the savviest marketers make with their blogs. With a combined 7 years of blogging experience, Nick and Andrew have made their share of mistakes, and will give you insights you won’t hear anywhere else.

June 2014 Resources

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