July 2013

Volume 4, Issue 7 – July 2013

In This Issue…

Ray Higdon, Back from Cabo and Fired up!

WWN Webinar, How to Make Yourself IRRESISTIBLE to your Leads, Become a Virtual “Recruiting Machine,” and Grow Your Business — Fast

Ty Tribble, Why Everything You Think You Know About Generating Leads With Your Blog is WRONG

Back from Cabo and Fired up!

My wife and I just got back from Cabo San Lucas for a week and we had a total blast! If you’ve never been there, you simply gotta go! Cabo has amazing mountains, waves, sunshine, and is a seriously fun environment.

Here’s the cool thing about our 7-day trip: my wife and I made more money while we were away than we spent on the trip!

How to Make Yourself IRRESISTIBLE to your Leads, Become a Virtual “Recruiting Machine,” and Grow Your Business — Fast

The secret to building a profitable organization is being able to attract quality leads, qualify them, close them, and recruit them to your team. For many people, that’s a mystery…not for Ray Higdon…“The Force is strong with this one.” And Ray will be the first one to tell you it’s not about being slimy or smarmy or full of hype: it’s about coming from a posture of unshakeable personal power (kind of like using “The Force”).

Why Everything You Think You Know About Generating Leads With Your Blog is WRONG

This month Ty reveals the most up-to-date, in-the-trenches tactics for generating more leads and getting better results with your blog. Things are changing quickly — what worked last year might not be what’s working today. Online marketing is constantly in a state of flux and yesterday’s tactics just won’t work in today’s marketplace. That’s why Ty’s column this month is a MUST for your business (unless you already have enough leads…)

The Art of Selling Without Selling

Let’s face it…with the technology available today you’d think you could set up your business so you’d never have to talk to a living soul. However, this month’s Ask the Expert session with “Expert of Experts” Greg Gomez III will prove to you that no matter how much you might ‘hate’ the idea, calling prospects on the phone can be your fastest path to profit. Not only that, it can be FUN!

6 Types of Offers

As some of you probably know, I don’t just “teach” this internet marketing stuff — I actually live it. We publish products in over a dozen different niches selling everything from dating and weight loss advice to supplements for people with diabetes. And after selling things in so many different niches, I’ve found that the systems we teach at DotComSecrets work the same for pretty much ANY business.

Make Yourself “Shine Online” – The 6 Traits of Effective Writing

Summer is here…time to catch some rays, fire up the barbecue, take the kids to the beach or a ballgame, and enjoy the weather. After all, summer is a fleeting, temporary time of light, fun, and warmth to be enjoyed.

Are You Trustworthy? The answer determines your Influence.

It is June. The last month of the first half of 2013 is here. My questions for you to consider: Are you going to make the most of it? Are you going to set yourself up for the best 2nd half of 2013 ever? That’s up to you to decide. I know you can do it. At a minimum take this month and get yourself ready to explode your business the rest of the year. Take the knowledge you’re acquiring and put it into action. Read on to see where I’m helping some of your fellow marketers prepare themselves.

Kim’s Tech Corner: URGENT: WordPress Security Update!

The WordPress team has released an urgent security update, moving us to version 3.5.2 from version 3.5.1. This closes a major security hole. There’s been an uptick in hackings of WordPress sites and the culprit has been found and patched by the WordPress team.

The “Secrets” of the World’s Greatest Sales Funnel

Pssst…wanna know “the secret” to successful online marketing? ‘Course you do…
Everyone is looking for the secrets, right? Secrets…those highly-guarded gold nuggets of knowledge that you apparently need to know in order to be WILDLY successful in internet marketing.

How to Keep Your Facebook Page Alive While You’re Vacationing 1,000-Miles Away!

This month Michelle will teach you how to implement strategies that keep your engagement and activity alive, even when you’re away from your computer (Hey, we ALL need a break sometimes!)

When “Sh*# Happens”: 4 Strategies For Building Your Business When Life Gets In The Way

I’ve spent a great deal of time in this column talking about the “How To’s” of building a business part time: How to Make Better Use of Your Limited Time, How to Leverage Other People’s Skills and Experience, and How To Support Your Team Using Online Tools.

This extremely useful information is crucial to the success of the Part-Timer. But what I want to share with you today is something seldom talked about, yet I’d guess that virtually every single one of us has experienced…

What do you do when LIFE just gets in the way of building your business?

The “Secret” of Residual Income: How Leaders Build Lasting Organizations

Whether you’ve just recruited your very first team member or have a large organization, developing your leadership skills is critical to your success.

You may be thinking that in order to grow your business, all you need is just get better at prospecting or recruiting. But once you have a team…even if it’s only one person…retention is critical to a long-term, solid business.

July 2013 Resources

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