January 2014

Volume 5, Issue 1 – January 2014

In This Issue…
*Andrew Draughon, How to Make 2014 YOUR Year
*Daegan Smith’s “$10 Million” Traffic and Conversion Secrets
*Ty Tribble, The #1 Hottest Strategy for Internet Marketing in 2014

Andrew Draughon

How to Make 2014 YOUR Year

Buckminster Fuller napped once every 6 hours for 30 minutes around the clock, never sleeping through the night. Benjamin Franklin rose early in the morning, reading and writing fully in the *nude* before leaving his bedchamber. Søren Kierkegaard, Ludwig van Beethoven, Francis Bacon, David Lynch, and Marcel Proust all consumed copious amounts of coffee.

Hey, everybody’s got a different method of reaching their “zone,” right?

Daegan Smith’s “$10 Million” Traffic and Conversion Secrets

The BIGGEST names in online marketing routinely look to Daegan for his advice and strategic counsel. Chances are you’ve never opted into a capture page or sales funnel that wasn’t inspired by Daegan’s exhaustive research. This training will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced…literally.

The #1 Hottest Strategy for Internet Marketing in 2014

Ty Tribble returns in his monthly column to teach you a strategy that produces the highest ROI of any marketing strategy: $41 for every $1 spent, nearly double the ROI of social media, SEO, mobile, & PPC, and created $600+ billion of revenue in 2014!

Steve Jaffe November 2013 Video Training

The YouTube Lead Generation Formula: Part 2

Steve Jaffe, #4 all-time Magnetic Sponsoring affiliate for leads generated will show you how to generate 25-50 leads each and every day on YouTube, even if you’re scared stiff to get on camera and have never generated a lead in your life!

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7 Cool Things I’m Excited to Test

I’m sure if you’re at all like me you probably have a file of cool stuff that you want to test on my sites. If not… it’s time to start one.

So, here are 7 things that I found this month that I’m excited to test.

2014 Will Be YOUR Year if You Allow it to Be!

A new year has come! 2014 is here and I’m thrilled to be back with you in this “Dear Abby” style monthly column called “Coaches Corner.” I can’t wait to answer your questions so I can help you and your business grow.

WP, WP, WP!!

Today I’ve got urgent WordPress news for you concerning updates and security!

What Makes a Great Sales Page? 5 Essentials to Help You “Get it Right”

If you’ve reviewed my previous articles, we’ve covered the squeeze page and the landing page. The final step in our basic sales funnel is the sales page.
Now before we go further just keep this in mind: This is the hard part.
I won’t say that it’s the most important part of your sales funnel, but let’s face it, if there’s no action here, what you’ve done so far kind of doesn’t matter anymore.

Advanced “Retargeting” Strategies: Step-by-Step Instructions

This month Michelle will reveal how to “get ahead of the curve” with cutting-edge Facebook retargeting strategies. Watch this “fast mover” training today before these advanced techniques gain more speed and become competitive — there’s a huge opportunity to being first!

How to Stop Being a Worrier and Become a Warrior

Sometimes, we can feel overwhelmed. Particularly when starting out on a new journey, or when our shoes are scuffed from too many wrong turns on a journey that seems to go nowhere. We just yearn to make the right choices at last. We want someone … anyone … to pick up the pieces of our lives and rearrange them in a way that makes sense.

11 Powerful Resolutions for Part Time Marketers in the New Year!

Another year has come and gone! It’s amazing how fast the years go, especially as we get older. But that’s a story for another day.
Will it be your year? Will this be the year that your business finally takes off the way you thought it would?
I hope so. You deserve it.

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun (And Even When You’re Not!) 7 ways to ensure a great 2014

It seems that time just flies by faster and faster. Can you believe it’s 2014 already? Seems like we were just toasting 2013 and…BOOM! Here we are a whole year later!

The Key to Entering Your Prospect’s Mind

Your prospects do not want to buy your products or join your business.
Do you know why?
Because no one buys products. What they do buy are solutions to their most pressing problems.

January 2014 Resources

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