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The Top 12 Mistakes Even Smart Bloggers Make

A well-to-do father once reproached his son for “shady financial dealings” and “sexual improprieties with another workman’s wife.”
This prodigal son abandoned the opportunities afforded by his father, turning his back on an education and government service to seek his fortune plundering foreign lands as a mercenary…

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Instead of Paying for it… Earn It.

In today’s age, winning the advertising game is all about earning people’s attention, instead of just paying for it—a strategy which, if executed properly, is shockingly profitable.

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The Beginning is the End

Inscribed in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi is a well-known aphorism, attributed to Socrates, who—incidentally—was proclaimed by the Oracle to be the wisest man in Athens: Know thyself.

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Instantly Become a Content Creation Machine

Ever notice the UFOs of ’50s look like…UFOs from the ’50s. I’m taking about those grainy, black and white photos of flying saucers that look suspiciously like the early-NASA’s Apollo-era re-entry modules. I guess we’ll never know if these “foo fighters” are capable of intergalactic flight.
But here’s the thing…

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12 Must-Have Resources to Acquire a World-Class Copywriting Education for $29.29

Copy is often called the single most profitable skill you can ever learn. And for good reason too. Anyone looking to build a business online (or off) needs to learn how to craft compelling sales messages.
At the end of the day, whether you’re writing a blog post, creating an ad on Facebook, or just selecting a title for a YouTube video, you’re going to need at least a working proficiency in crafting effective copy.

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The Cure for What Ails You?

According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, “Between the birth of the world and 2003, there were five exabytes of information created. We [now] create five exabytes every two days.”
He should know, right? After all, Google is cataloging the world’s data more effectively than anyone else.

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Gilded Age “Secret” that Built Empires Through Three Depressions

Beginning in 1908, Napoleon Hill would spend the next 20 years interviewing and analyzing the success of over 100 of America’s wealthiest industrialists, including…

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The Psychology of the Personal Email

If you’re like most folks, myself included, you don’t always get a reply to your emails, do you? This is especially true if you’ve ever written someone “important.” Call this an “aspirational email”—you’re essentially looking for a favor from a busy person.

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The #1 Productivity Tool (According to Science)

After studying hundreds of employees at over half a dozen major companies, Teresa Amabile, a professor at Harvard Business School, “discovered” a highly effective motivational and productivity-enhancing tool.

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Can I Republish WWN Content on My Blog?

I’ve been asked this question no less than three separate times this past month. So it seems that it must be high-time to make a formal statement regarding how you can (and cannot) leverage the content in your WWN library, in case there’s any question.

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Three Unconventional Steps to Mastery

What comes to mind when you hear the following names?

Claude Monet
Vincent van Gogh
Pablo Picasso
Salvador Dali
Jackson Pollock
Andy Warhol

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Do This, Not That

Ever read the popular “Eat This, Not That” column in Men’s Health magazine?
Or perhaps you’ve seen one of the nine bestselling books in the series on the shelves of your local bookstore, such as The Best (& Worst) Foods in America, Supermarket Survival Guide, or the for Kids edition.

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Goal-Setting Secrets of an Amnesiac

In his best-selling book, The Power of Habit, Author Charles Duhigg tells the story of a man whose brain was so damaged by a viral infection that he survived with only his short term memory – though he could remember his youth, prior to the infection, clearly.

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The Seductive Quicksand of Choice

In 2011 there were 353 unique sizes and types of toothpaste available on the shelves of your local supermarket, according to data published in the Wall Street Journal.
There are probably even more today. And you know what? That’s an insufferable plethora of choices!

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Stop Making “Mickey Mouse” Commissions

What did you say your income goal was? $10k/month? Perfect! How important is that to you? And what’s going to happen if you don’t reach your goal? Are you clear on what’s at stake? Because I can’t help you if the pain of staying stuck isn’t greater than the pain of moving forward. Know that this will get uncomfortable.

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