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How to Write for YOUR Readers: 5 Critical Research Tools That Help You Laser-Target and Zero In On What Your Visitors Really, Really Want

Over and over again in this column I’ve stressed the importance of writing for YOUR reader, talking about how absolutely critical it is to create an “avatar” of your ideal customer, filling in as much detail as you can, right down to their eye color and shoe size.

Why Content Marketing Sucks – and Exactly What to Do to Make it Work for YOU

As an entrepreneur and home business owner, you’re looking for the easiest and least expensive way to market your company, right? That’s exactly what content marketing – or blogging — is. Easy, and cheap.

7 Ways to Guarantee that Whatever You Write Stands Out from All the “Mindless Noise” on the Internet So You Get the Results You Really, Really Want

f you spend as much time as I do surfing the Web or visiting your email inbox looking for valuable and interesting content, you might experience the same frustrations I do.

Take a look at some of these statistics from 2012, courtesy of pingdom.

Stuck in the Agony of Writer’s Block? One Simple Strategy that ALWAYS Frees You Up

Have you ever been so blocked you couldn’t seem to even work up the energy to write a simple email, much less a blog post or article?

I have. I admit it.

Make Yourself “Shine Online” – The 6 Traits of Effective Writing

Summer is here…time to catch some rays, fire up the barbecue, take the kids to the beach or a ballgame, and enjoy the weather. After all, summer is a fleeting, temporary time of light, fun, and warmth to be enjoyed.

Cold-Blooded Murder: 10 Ignorant Ways to Kill Off Your Perfectly Nice Blog

Over the past couple of years I’ve given you links to some of the most successful, epic bloggers out there: CopyBlogger, ProBlogger, Jon Morrow, Men With Pens, and dozens of others. I’ve encouraged you to read them, study them, and write every day so you’ll develop your own strong, unique voice and style, and eventually your writing will contribute big to your bottom line.

Why SEO Copywriting is Robbing You of Readers, Tanking your Search Engine Ranking, and Absolutely Destroying Your Blog

What I’m about to tell you is a huge challenge to “conventional wisdom” out there in the online marketing and promotion world. Some of you might disagree. Some of you might actually get pissed off at me for what I’m about to reveal.

Running Out of Ideas for Your Blog? 12 Ideas for Generating Fresh Content Your Readers will Absolutely LOVE

You’ve got your blog set up. You know you need to fill it up with compelling posts your readers will find valuable. You also know that these days the search engines are rewarding human-friendly content that’s updated regularly and linked to by “authority sites.”

How to Guarantee that Every Blog Post You Write is Engaging, Compelling, and a Valuable “Must-Read” – The Anatomy of a Killer Blog Post

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know your blog is one of those daily “must-reads” for your target audience?

Imagine for just a minute what that could do for your business. More likes, shares, and tweets. More leads. More customers. Not to mention more money.

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7 Deadly Warning Signs of Copy That Really, Truly Sucks – And How to Avoid Them

Let me be perfectly straight with you:

Not everybody is a born writer.

As a matter of fact, a simple “stroll” through the Internet will prove that lots of people suck at writing in general and copywriting in particular. That’s a pretty sad state of affairs.

Copywriting Crash Course – 10 Essentials for Hypnotic, Profit-Generating Copy that Literally “Forces” People to Buy

Welcome to Copy Corner, your place for tips, tricks and strategies to make your copy rock.

Wouldn’t it be great to sit down at the computer and bash out perfect copy without even breaking a sweat?

Walking the Line Between Fear and Fantasy – 5 Solid Gold Secrets to Writing Copy that Earns You A Fortune

In the October 2010 issue of What’s Working Now, Mike Dillard called copywriting the single most important skill you will ever learn.  He said:

If I had to start all over again, I would master the skill of copywriting…because…

How to Write Kick-Ass Video Scripts – A Quick and Painless Guide

Welcome to Copy Corner, your place for tips, tricks and strategies to make your copy rock. If you’re NOT using video on your website or blog, you’re nuts. Bat-guano crazy. There. I’ve said it. Allow me to defend myself for being so downright rude by showing you some numbers: This very instant, more than half […]

Stop “Spinning” — Weave Seductive Copy That Literally Forces Google to Drive Tons of Targeted, High-Quality Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Welcome to Copy Corner, your place for tips, tricks and strategies to make your copy rock. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ve heard that anything you publish online should be “search engine friendly” if you want it to drive visitors to your website. That’s why the Internet is […]

How to Use Your Unique Copywriting “Voice” to Influence, Persuade, and Sell – and Create Your Own Unmistakable Online Identity

Welcome to Copy Corner, your place for tips, tricks and strategies to make your copy rock. Each piece of writing has its own particular feel. When someone reads your copy, they “hear” it in their mind as they read. Creative writers (novelists, poets, short story writers) have all kinds of freedom to develop their own […]