Coaches’ Corner

Awareness Is the First Step to Business Improvement

For many, August is a month of preparation and planning as summer begins to wane and plans for the fall season begin to form. While I want to encourage you to enjoy the end of the season, I also want you to make sure you’re taking daily actions toward your goals. That’s why this month I’m focused on answering YOUR questions. Keep sending them in!

The Path to Success: Knowledge, Skills & Desire

I have two questions for you today. First, how much do you read? Do you read enough to improve your skills and knowledge? If you’re thinking, “But VaNessa, I don’t enjoy reading” or “I don’t have the time,” let me remind you that those who grow in their business make the time to gain the knowledge and acquire the skills to make themselves better at what they do. Reading is a BIG part of acquiring that knowledge.

Decide What You Want and Go For It

May is upon us. A month where the flowers begin to bloom, gardens are planted and kids are counting down the days until summer vacation here in the U.S.

Using Your Warm Market as a Referral Source

In traditional brick and mortar business, the power of the referral is…well…Powerful. Every dentist, doctor, and restaurant wants you to tell your friends about their business. Some even reward you by paying a referral fee. Most people don’t even think twice about telling their friends about their experiences.

Avoid Overwhelm by Staying in Action.

I love the month of March. Why? Because that (hopefully) means spring is right around the corner. My heart goes out to all my friends on the East Coast of North America for putting up with so much cold and snow this year. At least here in the Northwest, we usually only have to deal with rain.

How Coaching Can Help You Grow Your Business

January is a time for new beginnings and a time to shed the past. We all do it in various aspects of our lives; most of us set goals for our health or finances. I’m here to remind you that you need to do it in your business too.

2015: The Year of You: Lead with Value and Personality

January is a time for new beginnings and a time to shed the past. We all do it in various aspects of our lives; most of us set goals for our health or finances. I’m here to remind you that you need to do it in your business too.

Strategic Planning for Your Best Year Yet

It’s December. We’re one month away from the beginning of a new calendar year. You may be looking forward to 2015 or you may be freaking out thinking to yourself, “Where did 2014 go?” or “How come another year went buy and I didn’t get by business going the way I wanted?” And some of you may be thinking, “I’m just getting started and I’m not sure what to do next.” These statements keep lots of you up at night and cause you worry and stress.

Priority Management For Profit: Do the Revenue Generating Work First

November is upon us bringing a change in weather as we continue into autumn. For many people, thoughts are turning to the holidays and away from their businesses. I want you to understand this month that NOW is a great time to grow your business and study your craft to get a jumpstart on 2015.

Taking Care of Your Personal Goals and Building a Successful Business…

It’s October! My favorite month of the year is here. Why? Well, it’s my favorite because October is the start of my personal new year. My birthday falls at the beginning of the month and marks the time for me to plan my personal goals for the next 12 months.

Never Quit!

A few weeks ago I hit the 5-year mark in my online business. Now, I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and I know that most businesses fail before they hit their first 5 years. So I thought this was a pretty big deal.

Find a Need and Fill It – Knowing Your Market and Speaking to Their Desires

I’m sitting here writing this month’s article at 35,000 feet in the air as I return from two weeks of traveling with my family. For many, summer means vacation and August brings the final “dog days” of summer. This is the time of year when things are hotter and time moves slower. If you feel like you’re business has slowed, what I most want you to take away this month is this: NOW is the time to prepare for the final few months of 2014.

What’s Your Commitment Level?

While I was gathering questions from our readers and fans for this month’s article, it occurred to me that I talk a lot about tactical items like what to do and how to do it. I don’t often answer questions about why we do what we do and the commitment behind the decision to grow a business.

People Are Fickle: Never Neglect Your Subscriber Base.

June is here, and that means we’re just about half way through the year. That means you have this month to prepare for the rest of your year. I always talk about time because my mentors instilled in me that preparation leads to results. What you do now yields later, and if you do nothing now, nothing will happen later.

People Are Fickle: Never Neglect Your Subscriber Base

With summer comes a more laid back attitude, vacation time for families while the kids are off school, and the tendency to want to take a break. Now, I’m all for a break. As a matter of fact I just returned from a week in Mexico where I unplugged and spent some quality time with the family. While rest and rejuvenation are quite necessary as entrepreneurs, I also want to remind you to stay focused and engaged when it appears that others might not be.