Affiliate Spotlight

Ninja Facebook Targeting: How to Maximize Your PPC Profitability

Abdullah Yusuf, top Elite Marketing Pro affiliate, will show you “ninja” traffic & lead generation methods that will enable you to get the highest quality, laser-targeted leads possible with Facebook pay-per-click advertising.

“Leaky Buckets,” Attrition and the “3 Deadly Plagues” of MLM

In this month’s Affiliate Spotlight, Amanda Robertson takes you “behind the curtain” of building a business in the Internet Age. You’ll learn why it’s not enough to have an opportunity and why “attraction marketing” is essential to long-term income and success. You’ll discover: What a sponsor would never DARE tell you when they’re desperately trying […]

Are You Running An Illegal Business? You Might Be Surprised…

Amanda Robertson interviews practicing attorney and Internet marketer Natasha Hazlett about the little known, but critical FTC regulatory laws even the Gurus are chronically guilty of violating. Here’s what’s you need to know: Are you in violation of the law? Are you setting yourself up for hefty $250K fines and crippling legal fees? Do your squeeze […]

The Essentials of a “High Tier” Sales Funnel

This month Amanda Robertson interviews “straight talking” Ewan Robb of Yaghi Labs on the essentials of a high tier sales funnel, which will totally annihilate your previous misconceptions! Amanda gets raw and “100% un-cut” with the Traffic Maestro on the best way to turn your “top tier” Sales funnel profitable. Here’s what’s covered: The 2 […]

“Discover How To Make Editing Your Videos So Easy, Fast, and Fun That Even A Kindergartner Could Do It.”

This month Stacia Hopkins takes you by the hand and teaches you the ABCs of video editing. She’ll give you a step-by-step lesson on how to use YouTube’s built-in editor. In Stacia’s training you’ll learn how to: Access YouTube’s classroom-full of editing tools “Clean-up” your video using virtual scissors and erasers Add music to your […]

“The Video ‘Quick-Trick’ That Will Make YouTube (& Google) Fall in Love with Your Channel”

This month Stacia Hopkins takes you behind the curtain of YouTube’s algorithm and shows you how to play Cupid between your channel and YouTube.  With 60 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every single minute, you’ve got to melt YouTube’s heart to avoid disappearing into the “Video Bermuda Triangle.” In Stacia’s 10-min training video you’ll […]

“The Sneaky YouTube Secret That Will Practically Force Your Video Viewers to Become Leads”

Stacia Hopkins dives into Adwords for Video to show you how to make your traffic from YouTube soar…FREE. It’s called a “Call-To-Action” overlay. Watch over Stacia’s shoulder as she shows you how to: Set up a video advertising account through Google Adwords. Create a clickable link to any website you choose on any of your YouTube videos! Have […]

7 Damn Good Reasons why you need Google in your Marketing Mix!

Did you know that in January 2012 more than 66% of ALL searches were conducted on Google? That means if you’re not playing in Google’s world, you’re missing a TON of targeted search traffic! This month, Amanda Robertson offers an eye-opening re-introduction to Google AdWords, and shows you how to: Identify and track down your […]

The “Scaredy Cat’s” Guide to Creating a Video that Will Practically Force Your Blog Visitors to Become Leads

In this month’s Affiliate Spotlight, Stacia Hopkins confronts the #1 reason your blog visitors are comatose: lack of connection. The truth is people love to buy. The problem is that they are not sold on you! Why? Because your first impression is boring and bland. That’s why your blog needs CPR. By creating just one […]

The Real “Success Strategy” Behind a $10,000 per Month Income

Many people struggle to make their business succeed, so they scour the internet looking for training to help them “brand themselves online.” Unfortunately, the overwhelming amount of training available online – including most information products – has to do with video and social media marketing, product creation, blogging, SEO optimization, or other specialized technical skills. […]

How to Make Sales Presentations Quickly – Without Even Showing Your Face

For this month’s Affiliate Spotlight, Jeremy Watson takes you inside the art of screen casting, demonstrating how you can quickly start producing your own sales and educational presentations. You’re about to learn: How even “quick and dirty” – even downright “ugly” and imperfect – videos can make you money What tools are necessary for screen […]