Case Studies

Ray Higdon

I never miss an issue of What’s Working Now. Between the content I pull out for my own blog, the traffic and leads tips, and just hearing what’s going on around our industry, WWN is the best, period. I cannot believe the value they cram in each issue and anyone serious about their business should be a member. Thanks for all you do!”

Ray Higdon
#1 Earner Numis Network
EMT and L5 member MLSP

Mark Hoverson

My favorite thing about WWN is that it has stayed true to its original intention: to provide us with “what’s working now” (not last year, or last month, but NOW). By far, it is the most relevant and diverse content for our industry.
-Mark Hoverson

Richard Bravo

As an instructor at Better Networker you could easily say I’m biased, but the truth is this… “What’s Working Now” is one of the best investments any professional online network marketer could make. I pull at least 2-3 golden nuggets out of every issue. And I mean gold in the sense that gold is trading at $1700 oz…yeah, that kind of golden nugget.
-Richard Bravo

David Wood

There’s one word to describe What’s Working Now:

Not For Wussies.”

(Well, that’s 3 words, I suppose)

Seriously – don’t be a wussy, just get it.  You need education to get results, and WWN does just that – provides you and your team with generic, up to date info, that ANYONE can apply right now to get results.

These are the same strategies that I’ve used to help people earn more than $3.4 million in the last 90 days from a new company I started from scratch – get it!

– David Wood

Ryan Angelo

The easiest, most concise, economically efficient, time saving source of what you really need to know, when you need to know it. It’s a treasure chest of golden nuggets. Highly Recommended!
– Ryan Angelo

Adam Holland

What’s Working Now is an unfair advantage in the direct sales and network marketing arena.  If you’re interested in generating more leads, more sales, and more income for your business – you’ve found the Holy Grail of home business.  Get access this second!
– Adam Holland

Tommy DiPietro

In a month, I achieved 1st page, #1 rank for MLM Sales Strategies. I achieved 2nd Page #2 for MLM Sales in a month for
-Tommy DiPietro

Lawrence Tam

For a one stop shop of diving into what is working – WWN is the place I go when I have time…I refer to WWN as the first place I go for training.
– Lawrence Tam

Magnetic Sponsoring as a whole has benefited me and my business enormously, However, WWN specifically has helped me narrow in, with tips and information that has saved me huge amounts of time spent researching and or implementing my marketing efforts. Freeing up more of my time to concentrate on what we are all here for, ‘making money. Love your work!
Ian Mclachlan