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The "ONE Thing" that Creates Online Success

On July 2, 2015, Volvo debuted a concept vehicle based on their XC90 SUV platform that lacks a front passenger seat.

In it’s place?

A rearward-facing baby seat.

Named the “Excellence Child Seat Concept,” its design reexplores how families travel, placing the mother (or father) in the 2nd row of seats, facing the child.

Most importantly, though, the child seat is the safest EVER designed, built right into the car.

This is smart.

Volvo is known for safety.

In fact, Volvo ads used to explicitly trumpet their emphasis on safety, without any pretense of aspiring toward being a stylish, sexy, or luxury brand.

A print ad from the ’70s read:

“All cares have safety features. Volvo puts safety features on its safety features.”

…proceeding to talk about advanced braking technology and other safety innovations of the unapologetically boxy and drab 240 sedan.

The new XC90 concept reinforces this longstanding positioning.

Even if it never reaches production, which it likely won’t, what’s important is that the brand communicates one “big idea”:

Because you can’t be everything; only one thing.

Popularized by legendary ad men Al Ries and Jack Trout, the idea of owning ONE idea or concept is executed by all successful brands. Ries explains…

BMW is “driving.”

Subaru is “all-wheel drive.”

Mercedes-Benz is “prestige.”

The logic is this…

Everyone is fighting for an increasingly scare resource:

And prospect’s cluttered minds only have room for ONE brand to represent ONE thing.

You too face a similar struggle.

When building a business, there are countless things in the battleground for your own attention.

But according to super affiliate Terry Lamb…

There’s only ONE thing that matters.

And when you leverage this one thing, everything else becomes easier, even unnecessary.

Now, without sugar coating it…

You’re going to face resistance.

There are going to be “busy” and “broke” things that distract you from doing the one thing.

In fact…

You’re even going to distract yourself in order to avoid the one thing.

But once you’ve mastered it…

You will forever end all your monie worries.

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