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"Hustle and Glide"

Did you know hummingbirds fight to the death?

Ancient Mayan warriors revered their fearlessness.

Yet despite their chutzpah, there are drawbacks to being the smallest avian species, weighing less than a dime…

Hummingbird nests, housing their pea-sized eggs, are highly vulnerable to predation from blue jays, crows, and snakes.

To counter these threats, Hummingbirds have developed a unique adaptation:

Nesting beneath hawk perches.

It works like this…

Hawks predate upon the hummingbirds’ predators—not on hummingbirds or their nests.

A recently published study in the The Wilson Journal of Ornithology found that by nesting underneath a hawk’s “hunting ground” improves the survival rate of a hummingbird nest from a mere 6%, to an impressive 53%.

Tip of my hat to you, chutchy li’l hummingbirds!

This sneaky strategy turns a ‘weakness’ into a strength.

It shows that adapting to one’s nature is infinitely more powerful that trying to negate it.

Remarkably similar is Rebecca Bardess’ philosophy of business building, which goes like this…

Say, for whatever reason, “normal” doesn’t work for you.

Maybe you have health challenges?

Maybe you’re a nonconformist “unemployable?”

Maybe you’re a “freak,” “geek,” or “unique?”

Maybe you’re a right brain dominant, non-linear thinker?

Or maybe you just aren’t into hustling and grinding every spare moment (preferring instead to enjoy your precious time and build a true “lifestyle” business)?

If any of the above sound like you, it’s high time to get schooled in the “hustle & glide” school of economics…

Which is specifically adapted for those ready to embrace their inner misfit…and to stop trying to be something they’re not.

Watch Rebecca Bardess’ webinar now if you’re ready to discover the most outrageously effective (albeit nontraditional) method of hitting your income goals…

Rebecca has revealed how to create superhuman results and maximum time freedom to live a life full of pure unadulterated awesome.

You’ll discover…

  • The most effective business-building system for freaks, geeks, uniques, and other nonconformist “unemployables”
  • How to quickly hit your income goals if you’re right brain dominant or a non-linear thinker
  • The “golden unicorn” effect and its ability to catapult your brand to outrageous profitability during a hustle phase
  • The halo effect and its impact on glide optimization (so you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your success — after all, you didn’t start a business to work around the clock indefinitely!)

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