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“Low Tech” Webinars that Sell like Gangbusters

Yesterday you learned that it took the New Horizons probe 9.5 years traveling at roughly over 50,000 miles per hour to complete the 3 billion mile jaunt to Pluto.


Head-spinning numbers there.

But as impressive as that is, check this out:

New Horizons’ intended flyby trajectory was a swath of space…

Only 186 miles across.

So in order to reach it’s destination, New Horizons had to be launched into space with extra-ridiculous-extreme precision.

And not only that…

But the probe wasn’t equipped with any form of propulsion, so its exit speed plus a boost from being slung around of Jupiter’s gravitational field was its only means to get there.

Pretty fancy, right?

Let’s somewhat put this into perspective…

Imagine hitting a trick shot in a game of billiards…

…where all the balls have their own gravitational pull…

…the entire table is in motion…

the playing surface is hundreds of miles across

…and of course, you’ve only got one shot!

After all, this probe cost $700 million.

Better not scratch!

My head hurts even thinking about it.

But what’s super intriguing is that Kepler could have gotten Archimedes on board with the mathematical calculations to make it all happen…

…down at the tavern…

…drawing circles on a cocktail napkin. ;─)

So despite New Horizons impressive technology…

And even though this all sounds frickin’ complicated…

It’s not.

It’s actually rather straightforward with the right tools.

Kinda like…

Hosting your own webinars!

And just as New Horizons is…well…expanding our scientific horizons…

So too should you be expanding your horizons with the impressive ability of a webinar to create a near-instant surge of sales in your business.

They are the quickest humanly possible way to dramatically increase your conversions and make more monie in an hour+ than most people make in an entire month.


We’re not talking about rocket science here.

Just ask super affiliate Terry Lamb.

Terry’s been using “low tech” webinars to CRUSH it online…

Making high ticket sales to the tune of $50K to $100K per month in multiple top online affiliate programs.

Right here on WWN, he’s shared his exact process.

You’ll discover…

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Andrew Draughon
Editor, What’s Working Now

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