Hyundai undermined by making exceptional cars

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The "ONE Thing" that Creates Online Success

Hyundai was known for ages as a maker of dirt cheap cars.

To their credit…

You got an industry-leading warranty and a new car at a really low price; plus, over the past 20 years, reliability improved dramatically, making for a genuinely attractive option.

Hyundai was one of the fastest growing companies in the auto industry from 1998 to 2011.

In 2012, though, Hyundai began a sharp decline.

What happened?

Hyundai went after the luxury market:

The Genesis, starting at $38k, and the Equus, starting at $58k, were both favorably received by the automotive press, unanimously calling them “home runs.”

But as legendary ad man Al Ries explains…

“As good as the high-end models are, they are not helping the Hyundai brand because they are undermining its low-end perception.”

So what should Hyundai have done?

Followed the footsteps of the high-end Japanese brands.

As you might know, Acura, Lexus, and Infinity are manufactured by Honda, Toyota, and Nissan, respectively.

These premium badges were a smart, strategic move on the part of their parent companies.

Because you can’t be all things and still maintain an identity.

If you’re going after a new category, you create a new brand to do so.

Volkswagen is also suffering an identity crises (and sluggish sales) through trying to appeal to everyone, making too many models in too many market segments, from the $85k Phaeton to the $15k Jetta.

Think about it…

Would you buy a $85k Volkswagen?

Or would you buy an Audi (VW’s premium badge) instead?

It’s silly to compete with yourself.

As you learned yesterday, everyone’s minds are so cluttered with marketing messages that brands struggle to own a single idea or concept in their prospect’s minds.

You can only be ONE thing in the battlefield of attention.

(“The people’s car,” anyone?)


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Andrew Draughon
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