GMOs proven to cause tooth decay

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“Low Tech” Webinars that Sell like Gangbusters

There’s an ancient Internet adage, which proclaims that…

“The best way to get the right answer on the Internet is not to ask a question, but to post the wrong answer.”

I say “ancient,” because it dates all the way back to the USENET newsgroups of the ’80s, which is equatable to the Paleozoic Era.

The idea is something like this…

If you ask a question like…

“Are GMOs bad for you?”

You’re likely to get ignored.

You haven’t done enough research to even begin the conversation.

But if you say…

“GMOs proven to cause tooth decay.”

Well, now you’ve stirred the hornets nest!

You’re going to have opinions on either side of the debate competing to…

a) Demand, “where’s the data?” or “what evidence?”

b) Tell you how utterly wrong and unscientific you are

c) Say that given the systemic toxicity GMOs promote, of course they do

d) Remind you that more research is needed for consensus

You get the point.

This is how you fan the fires of a contentious debate, if you’re so inclined.

It’s a tricky psychological trigger.

Nothing fancy, sure.

But it practically forces people to engage.

And as you can see, an emotional reaction is necessary to create subsequent action.

It’s the same with sales.

Unless your prospects are compelled to act…

…unless they FEEL something…

…they’re NOT going to take action.

And the best way to elicit an emotional response from your prospects that leads to an action (like buying your stuff)?

Present your offer on a webinar.

There’s nothing quite like the mojo of of live, raw interaction.

This is the quickest humanly possible way to dramatically increase your conversions…

In just minutes.

For serial…

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Andrew Draughon
Editor, What’s Working Now

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