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How To Systematically Increase Your Sales Conversions with 2 Simple Follow-Up Strategies

Want to double your conversions and double your customers’ satisfaction?

Well, you’re in luck!

I’ll give you the right hint for their delightment…

Eventbrite, the online event platform (which processed 1.5B in volume last year), made a startling discovery from a recent split test…

They wanted to quantify how charging admission for a training webinar would affect registrations and attendance.

So they hosted two nearly identical events:

One free and one with a $5 admission fee.

The result?

Registrations doubled for the paid event.

Attendance for the paid event nearly doubled (69% vs. 38%).

And the paid customers were more responsive, both during and after the event.


Human psychology is funny, no?

Only through pain can you double desire and satisfaction.

Telling, aye?

Just goes to show…

People only value what they pay for.

So go for the close and sell with wild abandon!

After all, everybody wins!

You put more monie in your pocket and your prospects will actually value what you’re selling more.

You’re doing them a favor…

Only through putting some skin in the game will they take their investment seriously.

And the best, and often neglected, way to convert prospects into customers is through unabashed, aggressive, and downright relentless…


But this doesn’t mean being annoying.


Proper follow-up will keep your prospects tuning in, clicking your links, buying your stuff, and even leaving you raving testimonials about how much they LOVE your sales messages.

It’s not as hard as you might think, either.

Right here on WWN, Misha Wilson is back to teach us how to do just that.

Over the past two years Misha’s been able to achieve some staggering results in his business.

Misha’s generated a list of over 25k prospects and hit six-figs in revenue, all by the ripe old age of 24, while working his business full time from his home in Maui.

Thursday night he’s going to share how to systematically increase your sales conversions with 2 simple follow-up strategies that will not only make you more monie more quickly, but also leave your prospects begging for more!

You’re lucky I’m not going to charge you to join us live.

So don’t miss out…

You’ll discover…

  • Exactly how to introduce yourself to your prospects to immediately stand out from the crowd and instantly increase your “first point of contact” conversions
  • The one thing that will determine whether your prospects open, read, and click your e-mails (or ignore your messages like everyone else’s)…
  • The “on the fly” follow-up strategy that requires ZERO work to set up and will keep your prospects tuning in, clicking your links, buying your stuff, and even leaving you raving testimonials about how much they LOVE your sales messages
  • The 4-step follow-up “machine” that will turn your leads into sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (without you so much as lifting a finger!)

You absolutely do not want to miss this exclusive presentation! Click Here to Watch It Right Now!


Andrew Draughon
Editor, What’s Working Now

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