Are you a victim of this popular delusion?

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"Hustle and Glide"

People used to believe that life spontaneously generated.

That corn cobs became mice.

That dust became fleas.

That carrion became maggots and flies.

…gross, I know.

You’ll note that sanitation, or lack thereof, is a bit of a theme here.

In 1668 that Francesco Redi demonstrated that meat could be kept from hatching maggots by keeping it sealed inside a glass jar, challenging the long-standing notion of “spontaneous generation.”

Redi’s ideas were controversial.

Understandably so!

After all, it was obvious that life sprang from inanimate matter—it happened all the time, right before everyone’s very eyes!

Naturally, Redi’s experiment was contested and almost universally rejected in his day.

…which goes to show how we tend to cling to our beliefs, despite compelling evidence to the contrary.

It took 200 more years for renowned microbiologist Louis Pasteur to finally put spontaneous generation to rest (in 1862), by conclusively demonstrating that micro-organisms cannot grow in a pasteurized flask.

Now let’s try a different, more contemporary assumption…

Because clearly we’re more rational today!

Many folks have the impression that you can’t be successful in business unless you go to downright heroic extremes:

– Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, is known for working 130 hours a week, sleeping under her desk, and “strategically” taking showers.

– Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, prides himself on being the first to work (4:30am) and the last to leave.

– Bill Gross, legendary billion-dollar fund manager, does yoga each morning at the crack of dawn, claiming his best insights are the result of doing handstands.

And perhaps the award goes to…

– Yoshiro Nakamatsu; inventor of the floppy disk, karaoke machine, and digital watch; routinely deprives his brain of oxygen—freediving until the brink of losing consciousness—for inspiration.


Is that what it takes?

Do you have to sacrifice sleep, family, and possibly your sanity to build a successful business?

Be honest…

You’re influenced by this popular perception, right?

Admittedly, we have a culture of glorifying athletes.

And rightfully so, they are capable of awesome feats of endurance.

Luckily for you, though…

You don’t need to emulate these exploits to create success online.

Now, by all means, you can! Nothing at all wrong with that.

But say, for whatever reason, that just doesn’t work for you.

Maybe you have health challenges?

Maybe you’re an “unemployable?”

Maybe you’re a “freak,” “geek,” or “unique?”

Maybe you’re a right brain dominant, non-linear thinker?

Whatever your nonconformist personality…

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