2045: A Posthuman Odyssey

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Last week University of Washington researchers published new research on their efforts to broadcast cognitive signals across the Internet via a brain-to-brain interface.

In this study, the team produced a telepathic-like experience in participants.

…transmitting visual data from one participant’s brain to another, physically distanced by roughly one mile.

Here’s (briefly) how it worked:

On one side of campus, a grad student (the sender) was presented with a “mystery object.”

An EEG cap would register the associated brain waves and relay them to the other side of campus…

…where another grad student (the receiver) perceived the signal via a magnetic coil, which stimulated his or her visual cortex with a flash of light and accompanying cognitive signals.

Receivers were able to correctly identify the mystery object—which might have been picture of a dog, shark, or a serving of tiramisù—72% of the time.


One more time:

They were able take an image from one person’s mind…and put it into someone else’s mind, via the Internet.



It’s sounding more and more like we’re about *this* close to walking around with USB ports on the sides of our head.

Hopefully you saw an image of me squinting and pinching. 😉

Now, to recap…

This team has now successfully transmitted both visual and motor cognitive signals (see yesterday’s email) across a local network.

…further paving the way for the seemingly-inevitable merging of man and machine.

As mentioned yesterday…

We’re certainly achieving the whole “may you live in interesting times” maxim.

Future generations will have to seriously contend with the implications of living in a “posthuman” era.

…which is the eventual product of our desire to be more than human,

…to transcend mortality.

2045 is, btw, the predicted date we’ll achieve the final biological frontier.


Before we get ahead of ourselves…

One day—probably before too long, really—we’ll be able to transmit knowledge, brain-to-brain, via the Internet.

But let’s not stop there…

One day you’ll very likely be able to answer all your prospect’s objections and build their level of belief, brain-to-brain, via the Internet—all without saying a word.

Heck, one day duplication might become a reality, where the incentive to join someone’s team is to acquire their entire skillset!

Would be pretty wild, right?

But in the meantime…

We’ve still got to persuade folks to purchase products and courses the “old fashioned” way of establishing credibility, building rapport, creating irresistible offers, and closing the deal.

And with today’s technology, hands down the most effective way to do that is through…

Video marketing.

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